• Image of Integrated Energy Therapy. What is IET?
  • Image of Integrated Energy Therapy. What is IET?

Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) Healing with the energy of Angels™

Energy is a life force that runs throughout our entire bodies. Each person has a life force. It is as real as any other part of our human system. It's just as real as our circulatory system that directs the blood flow to every cell of our bodies. The only difference is that we can't readily see, touch, or draw our energy system. It's rather something we experience.

Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) is a powerful healing system with a result of personal freedom. IET releases negative experiences from our body (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and karmic) allowing us to create a life we truly desire.

IET™ gets the "issues out of our tissues"

Our bodies contain 9 cellular memory areas, where negative energy gets stored in our muscles. Negativity actually gets "integrated" into our bodies. The 9 areas are located throughout our bodies starting at the top of our head to the bottom of our spine. If we feel good, pain free, energetic, secure about who we are and where we're going in life - All those cellular memory areas are free and in optimal health. Positive experiences fill our life with vitality. HOWEVER, if we feel insecure, sad, angry, are experiencing aches or pains - Those are the blocked areas needing release. Negative experiences clog our energy systems and life, just as French Fries clog our arteries.

IET identifies each cellular memory area, and then removes the negative energies while imprinting positive energies. Through accessing the 9 points and without having to relive the trauma of the past, release of suppressed emotions and memories occur. Once these energy blocks release, they lead us to optimal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. This healing empowers us to live within our personal integrity. Freed of negative energy, we begin to live a life of joy, ease and renewed spirit.


For Many people feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious, and tired become a way of life. Living this way can lead to:

* Health problems headaches, digestive disorders, back & neck pain tension, & sleeplessness – among others
* Emotional problems such as anxiety, irritability, depression, panic attacks, isolation, and worry – among others
* Conflict in relationships, both personal & professional
* Being unproductive & unhappy at work

Benefits of IET

These types of issues, which originate from physical, emotional and mental stress, often involve an unhealthy complex between mind and body. For example, the mind can run away with worry as the body looses appetite & feels energized through long hours of busyness. Alternatively, the mind decides to create change, “have a better life”, and the body rebels with exhaustion, flu, or headaches. Experiences described above are ideally suited for IET treatments.

* Releases tension and everyday stress that makes you feel tired, burned out and overwhelmed
* Creates a renewed sense of vitality
* Supports healing on all level – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual
* Beings balance to your life, allowing you to enjoy a clear sense of purpose and direction
* Leaves you with a deeply relaxed calm state of being
* Empower you to create a life you truly desire
* Provides insight and inspiration as to your life purpose
* Removes you from the cycle of habitual behavior

Schedule your private session today! Once you check out I'll send you a short list of questions to get us started and you can confirm a date and time that works best for you.

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Recent Kind Words:
"Thank you for the glorious session yesterday! I can feel the power of the energy work we did...I'm rested, energized and focused.

I've enjoyed an extremely productive & focused day...several long-delayed clearing projects are well under way. The support you provide is superior to any I've seen.

I look forward to getting to know you better and getting more help from you in the Create a Thriving Artistic Life Class. I feel this self-attention is a very important and too-long-delayed part of my life.

I appreciate your gentle, caring personality and guidance.

Thank you again for your generous, caring spirit."
Ann Bell

*Follow up a few days later:
“...And it's amazing how things work. I can always tell when I'm on the right path. Wonderful, unexpected blessings rain on me. Today I received a phone call from someone at a Houston conservancy organization. They want permission to use one of my paintings (with credit to me and copyright notice) on their publicity material for a major conservation fundraiser next spring!”
Thanks! Ann Bell

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