• Image of Original Art Print Awake Butterfly
  • Image of Original Art Print Awake Butterfly
  • Image of Original Art Print Awake Butterfly

Original Iridescent Art Print Awake Butterfly by Stephey Baker is inspired by a poem by japanese haiku poet Basho

Awake Butterfly It's Late
And we've miles to travel -Basho

What happens when our inner voice is calling within for flight yet, we stay grounded? What keeps us grounded from realizing the beauty, dreams, and inspiration within?

Fear is typically what keeps us grounded from taking action on dreams. Fear of lacking something... Fear of not having enough money, fear of not being qualified enough, fear of not having support, fear of not knowing what step to take next, fear. Fear. Fear. It’s heavy and keeps us grounded when what our soul truly desire is flight!

This image is an homage to the inner struggle we each face in bringing our gifts out into the world—the journey of awakening. It's a journey I believe calls within each one of us in our own time. And it's only a matter of time before — we must snip the ties that bind! May this original piece of art remind you to do just that!

Sometimes, despite the hard circumstances we might find our Self, despite pain felt and burdens carried, despite doubt and feelings of uncertainty, there's hope within our heart. That spark of hope is our spirit—inspiring us to snip the ties that bind—to do the very thing we feel is impossible (and yet desire).

May this piece remind you to tune into your heart and turn away (even momentarily) from any pain or difficulty. May it remind you to focus each day on making the conscious choice to fly!

Look for opportunities to soar, to flutter, to do what you love and don’t let anything keep you from taking flight, from spreading your fabulous colors in the sunlight!

"Awake Butterfly" is printed on museum quality archival glossy paper with vibrant shimmery colors that mesmerize. The metallic finish and iridescent looking appearance of the ink recreates the image with nearly the same accuracy and depth as the original. The original was created using a large format camera on transparency film.

Prints arrive signed, safe and secure. The border gives plenty of room for mounting and framing.

10" X 10" Acid Free Mat (6.5" x 6.5" Iridescent Art Print)
* Save money on custom framing by purchasing Awake Butterfly mounted and matted. All you have to do is purchase a ready made frame. Ready Made frames are typically 50% less expensive. Mat is acid free.

11" x11" Iridescent Art Print (10" x 10" image) —Print Only
12" x 12” Iridescent Art Print (11" x 11" image) —Print Only

* All prints are hand signed and titled
* Frame Not included.

Additional Information
NO this image has not been Photoshopped. Nor was any butterfly hurt during it's creation. I Hand Built the still life set & designed the lighting. The stairs are created out of balsa wood and hand painted, including the walls and floor. The image is illuminated using one light.

Please note watermark will not appear on your print. It’s for online copyright display only.

© All Rights Reserved Stephey Baker. If you'd like to use the image for your online business, social media or blog post please contact the studio for written permission and licensing fees.No works derivative or image alterations.

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